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Clubs and Organizations

Out-of-class learning and growth experiences involve participation in student organizations. Appalachian State University boasts over 200 clubs and organizations. As part of these 200 some odd organizations, there are around 20 or more clubs/organizations that focus on multicultural interest. Whether you are interested in service organizations, or one of our umbrella groups such as Native American Student Association or Black Student Association, the possibilities are numerous. You are encouraged to contact the organizations you are interested in through the information provided here. Additionally, if you are interested in Fraternity & Sorority Life, visit the National Pan-Hellenic Council (opens in a new tab) website formore information.

A-SPEC (opens in a new tab)

Purpose: To provide a safe space for people who identify along the asexual or aromantic spectra or who are questioning to come together and address topics and issues the communities face, to advocate for the communities' increased visibility on campus, and to establish a peer social support network for members.

Gospel Choir (opens in a new tab) - Hayes School of Music

Purpose: To promote a sincere Christian atmosphere in the area of gospel music and create an encouraging and fun space for students, alumni and friends to come together through songs of worship. Our goal is to have fun and build lasting relationships that extend outside of choir rehearsal and performance.

Asian Student Association (opens in a new tab)

Purpose: To explore Asian-American identity, leadership, and personal development through friendships, programs, and opportunities. We are dedicated to building connections among the AAPI community as well as between people of all cultures and ethnicities on campus.

Black Student Association (opens in a new tab) - Founded at Appalachian in 1991

Purpose: To actively make a change for unity by encouraging the principles of scholarship, leadership, cultural uplift, diversity, and community service.

Chinese Culture Club (opens in a new tab)

Purpose: To introduce Chinese customs, traditions, and language to members and the Appalachian community, as well as spread an awareness of the importance of cultural understanding.

Latin Hispanic Alliance (opens in a new tab) - Founded at Appalachian in 1997

Purpose: To promote awareness of Latin and Hispanic culture on Appalachian State's campus. This organization welcomes people of Latin and/or Hispanic origin AND people who appreciate Latin and Hispanic culture.

Japanese Culture Club (opens in a new tab)

Purpose: To cultivate interest in Japanese culture and language around Appalachian State and the Boone community. We aim to learn about different facets of the unique Japanese culture and teach those who want to learn more.

Student American Indian Movement (SAIM)(opens in a new tab) - Founded at Appalachian in 1994

Purpose: To connect Native and other Indigenous students on campus to create a home away from home and an inclusive environment for free expression. #wearestill.

Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) (opens in a new tab) - Founded at Appalachian in 1993

Purpose: To create an inclusive and accepting environment for all gender identities, sexual orientations, and romantic identities. We intend to bring education and awareness of social justice issues as well as foster a sense of community among LGBTQ+ students.

TransAction (opens in a new tab) - Founded at Appalachian in 2007

Purpose: To To advocate for the proper treatment of trans and non-binary people on campus and the education of the Appalachian State University population, as well as the High Country community, on issues affecting trans and nonbinary students and community members.