Clubs and Organizations

Out-of-class learning and growth experiences involve participation in student organizations. Appalachian State University boasts over 200 clubs and organizations. As part of these 200 some odd organizations, there are around 20 or more clubs/organizations that focus on multicultural interest. Whether you are interested in service organizations, or one of our umbrella groups such as Native American Student Association or Black Student Association, the possibilities are numerous. You are encouraged to contact the organizations you are interested in through the information provided here. Additionally, if you are interested in Greek Life, visit the National Pan-Hellenic Council website for more information.



ASU Gospel Choir

Gospel Choir

Purpose: To promote a sincere Christian atmosphere in the area of gospel music.
Hayes School of Music

Asian Student Association

Asian Student Association 

Purpose: To establish an environment for shared experiences among Asian/American students and friends of the association.

Black Student Association

Black Student Association 

Founded at Appalachian: 1991
Purpose: To be a voice and empower all minorities on the campus of Appalachian State University.

Chinese Culture Club

Chinese Culture Club 

Purpose: To assist members with enhancing their knowledge of the Chinese language and to introduce Chinese customs and traditions to the ASU community.


Jewish Students of App  HILLEL


Founded at Appalachian: 1996
Purpose: To congregate for Jewish services and social activities.

Hispanic Student Association

Latin Hispanic Alliance 

Founded at Appalachian: 1997
Purpose: To establish a context for shared experiences among Hispanic students and to increase university awareness of the Hispanic presence on campus.


Japanese Culture Club

Purpose: We educate, encourage, and facilitate Japanese culture around the Appalachian State University and Boone communities. If you study Japanese, lived there, or just love Japanese culture then feel free to stop by and see us! 

Melanin in Medicine

Purpose: To empower, enlighten, and encourage people of color who are studying to pursue a career in medicine and science.

Native American Council

Native American Student Association 

Founded at Appalachian: 1994
Purpose: To help members understand their Native American heritage and to organize various activities for the surrounding community.

The Order of Black and Gold

Founded at Appalachian: 1998; Reestablished: 2001
Purpose: To actively volunteer time and funds to the community.

Pagan Student Association

Pagan Student Association 

Founded at Appalachian: 2002
Purpose: To facilitate understanding, dialog, and education about earth-based spirituality, witchcraft, and alternative lifestyles on the ASU campus. All religions and beliefs are welcome.

Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA)

Founded at Appalachian: 1993
Purpose: To provide information and emotional support, acceptance, and understanding to the membership and the campus at large, and to promote understanding and acceptance of all sexual orientations.


Founded at Appalachian: 2007
Purpose: Provide a vehicle for support, social activism, and education on sexuality and gender expression.