Equity in Action

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Equity in Action (EIA) is a student run conference at Appalachian State University geared towards educating all participants on issues and topics relating to diversity, equality, equity, and social justice. In its sixth year, EIA aims to create a community atmosphere of inclusivity by addressing topics that both directly and indirectly affect the lives of oppressed and underrepresented individuals. This conference provides an opportunity for students to facilitate workshops and educate their peers on contemporary and relevant social issues. Two keynote speakers complement the student workshops by providing exciting conclusions to the events of each day. Appalachian State has been a historically hostile environment for students of marginalized identities. EIA serves to combat this atmosphere by bring about education, understanding, and healing to the students, faculty, staff, and community members of the university and surrounding area.

Please plan to join us April 6th, 2019 for Equity in Action 2019