Academic Offerings

The Office of Intercultural Student Affairs provides opportunities to explore multicultural topics academically.

Women and Leadership HPC 3550

The focus of this class is not to prepare you to memorize and regurgitate information; instead it is on your ability to apply the information that you learn in class during your daily interactions with others. We will challenge you to reflect on the experiences of students from racial and ethnic backgrounds or different genders or sexual orientations, and compare these experiences to your own. You will also be challenged to consider how the information obtained in this class can assist you as a leader.

Multicultural Leadership HPC 3542

This course will examine the concept of leadership development from a multicultural perspective.  Using an epistemological and interdisciplinary approach, we will discuss and examine social movements, the dynamics of social justice, and the tense balance between and among human needs, values, and identities.  Students will further develop highly versatile intercultural competencies, better understand a variety of domestic and international social issues, and find themselves better equipped to understand and address intercultural conflict.  This will be achieved by exploring several human/civil rights movements in the US and abroad, leadership theory, and social justice theory through class discussion, readings, films, research-based, autobiographical and reflective writing, class trips, and group projects.

Minor in Leadership Studies